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Feb. 6, 2012

DHEC announces lawn mower exchange events

COLUMBIA, S.C. - Residents of 11 South Carolina counties will have another alternative to pushing a gasoline-powered lawn mower again this summer, the state Department of Health and Environmental Control announced today.

"A lawn mower exchange event is being held for residents in Anderson, Berkeley, Charleston, Dorchester, Greenwood, Greenville, Lexington, Oconee, Pickens, Richland and Spartanburg counties," said Myra Reece, chief of DHEC's Bureau of Air Quality. "This popular program will give residents the opportunity to recycle their gasoline-powered mower in exchange for a discount towards the purchase of a new environmentally-friendly mower."

Reece said the lawn mower exchanges, which will also feature vendors selling environmentally-friendly lawn and garden equipment., are set to take place on the following dates:

  • March 15 - April 15: 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday at Enoree Residential Waste and Recycling Center in Greer for residents of Greenville County;
  • March 17: 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. at Greenwood County Public Works for residents of Greenwood County;
  • March 24: 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. at Mount Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park for residents of Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties;
  • April 14: 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. at Spartanburg County Administration Building parking lot for residents of Spartanburg County;
  • April 21: 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. at S.C. State Museum parking garage for residents of Richland and Lexington counties;
  • April 28: 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. at Tri-County Technical College student parking lot in Pendleton for residents of Anderson, Oconee and Pickens counties.

"The lawn mower exchange is a great way for people to get involved in improving air quality by switching to an environmentally-friendly mower," Reece said. "Clean air is important for healthy communities and these exchanges give our citizens an opportunity to make communities a healthier place to live, work, and play."

Reece said that despite efficiency improvements in the engines, today's gasoline mowers still contribute emissions including those forming ground-level ozone, which can cause shortness of breath, wheezing and coughing.

"Gasoline mowers also cause more greenhouse gases to be released into the atmosphere," Reece said. "Using an environmentally-friendly mower reduces emissions and potential health effects."

The exchange operates under a partnership including DHEC, county and local governments, and vendors such as Black & Decker, C Enterprise, The Greenstation and Preferred Power. Funding for the exchange program came from local sponsorships and a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy.

For information on lawn mower exchanges in your area, visit DHEC's website at: or follow the agency on Twitter, @scdhec.


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