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Jan. 21, 2014

DHEC Update: Berkeley County TB Investigation

CHARLESTON, S.C. -- Pursuant to a tuberculosis (TB) contact investigation being conducted by DHEC and involving Stratford High School in Berkeley County, the following update is provided:

Of the individuals tested for TB, there are currently no test results indicating active TB infection.

To date, one hundred forty-eight (148) students have been tested and one hundred forty-six (146) have returned negative test results. Two (2) tests are pending results. Sixty-four (64) staff members have been tested and sixty-three (63) have returned negative results. One (1) test in this group is pending results.

An additional eighteen (18) individuals were tested today. This included six (6) students, six (6) teachers, three (3) bus drivers and three (3) additional school staff members.

Forty-one (41) individuals have not yet been tested and DHEC will continue to follow-up with them: twenty-six (26) students, eleven (11) teachers, and four (4) bus drivers. An additional fifteen (15) students who have either graduated or transferred have been notified for testing. Three (3) were tested today. All of these individuals have been notified by DHEC, reminded that they need to be tested, and informed that nurses were available to do so today.

DHEC will continue to update the public as information becomes available.

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