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Title V Application Forms

Air Permitting - Title V Permit

The Title V Application forms have been revised. Previous versions of the application forms will no longer be accepted after April 1, 2014.

Form Name DHEC Form # ePermitting
Title V Permit Application - For use for major sources requesting to operate under a Title V Operating Permit. D-2937 -
Facility Information (Instructions) - General information needed to identify the applicant. D-2937 -
Emission Unit, Equipment and Processes  (Instructions)  - For use in relating all of the equipment at the facility with the appropriate emission units, control equipment, and process information. D-2940 -
Facility Wide Information Raw Materials and Products  (Instructions)  - For use in listing all the information on the raw materials, products, and production at the facility. D-2942 -
Facility Wide Emissions  (Instructions)  - For use in listing all facility wide total emissions information. D-2943 -
Insignificant Activity Equipment  (Instructions)  - For use in listing all information on the Insignificant Activity equipment at the facility. D-2944 -
Regulatory Information  (Instructions)  - For use in identifying and listing all limitations and requirements of federal and state applicable regulations and construction permits associated with each emission unit. D-2946 -
Streamlining Applicable Requirements  (Instructions)  - For use in listing any requirements for streamlining new or existing permit. D-2947 -
Permit Shield  (Instructions)  - For use in requesting a permit shield per S.C. Regulation 61-62.70. D-2948 -
Facility Relocation Application Form (Instructions) - The Facility Relocation Application Form serves as a request from the requirement to obtain a construction permit for facility relocation. D-0662 -
Compliance Assurance Monitoring (CAM) Plan Form - For use in submitting information as required by 40 CFR 64, Compliance Assurance Monitoring. - -
Insignificant Activities List - A Department list of air emissions or air emission units which are considered to be insignificant. - -
For more detailed information about the Title V forms contact Alyson Hayes at (803) 898-3836.

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