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Air Quality Permitting Decisions

The Bureau of Air Quality permitting decisions below have generated public interest because of potential health and/or environmental impacts. The information found on this page can also be viewed at DHEC's Central office at 2600 Bull Street, Columbia, SC 29201.

Permit decisions include one or more of the following documents:

  • Department Decision: Summary of decision
  • Final Determination: Determination of a project's Prevention of Significant Air Quality Deterioration (PSD) requirements and limits
  • Permit: Conditions for constructing and operating the facility
  • Statement of Basis: Summary of the project and its emissions, and explanation of regulatory applicability
  • Response to Comments: Department's written response to comments received during the public comment period

Additional documents or resources may also be included to provide specific information about the facility and/or its permitting decision process.

The procedure for appealing a permit decision before the Board of Health and Environmental Control is available here.

Title County Date Issued
CPJ Technologies Greenville 8/15/2016
CPJ Technologies-(1200-0068) is a specialty chemicals manufacturer. The facility is located in Greenville County. The Conditional Major Renewal Permit will be issued Monday, August 15, 2016.


S.C. Electric & Gas Company - A.M. Williams Station

Berkeley 10/11/16

SCE&G – A.M. Williams Station (TV-0420-0006) is an electric utility steam generating plant comprised of: a single coal-fired utility boiler; two fuel oil-fired auxiliary boilers; several small internal combustion turbines; coal, ash, gypsum, and limestone handling system; storage tanks; and ancillary equipment. This facility was issued a Title V Operating Renewal Permit that incorporated a Title IV Acid Rain Renewal Permit.


Vulcan Construction Materials, LLC – Lexington Quarry

Lexington 12/29/2016

Vulcan Construction Materials, LLC – Lexington Quarry (1560-0205-CA) is a new crushed stone processing plant that will consist of the following equipment: crushers (primary, secondary, and two tertiary), screens, conveyors, a wash process, storage piles, truck hauling and loading, a 220 hp diesel dewatering pump and a 30 hp diesel water pump. For more information please contact: Mareesa Singleton, BAQ Engineering Services Division, by phone at (803) 898-4113 or by email at

SC Pet Food Solutions, LLC

Saluda 07/05/2017

SC Pet Food Solutions, LLC (1940-0022-CA) is a new manufacturing facility located at 1299 Duncan Road in Ward, South Carolina. The facility is a new Poultry Protein Conversion Plant to recover products from the processing of chicken backs, frames, necks, skin, viscera bones, blood, and feathers and will consist of four process lines, waste water treatment plant, three boilers, and voluntary control equipment to minimize odors. For more information please contact: Michael G. Daugherty, BAQ Engineering Services Division, by phone at (803) 898-4315 or by email at

Corley Construction, LLC Richland 08/16/2017

Corley Construction, LLC (1900-0286-CA) is a new facility that will construct and operate an air curtain incinerator which will be permitted to treat wood waste, untreated clean lumber and yard waste. For more information please contact: Diana Zakrwski, BAQ Engineering Services Division, by phone at (803) 898-1487 or by email at



Additional facilities of public interest

If you would like information related to permitting decisions for other facilities not listed, please contact SCDHEC Bureau of Air Quality at (803) 898-4123.