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Class 3 Landfill Manager Certification Training

DHEC's Division of Compliance & Enforcement offers certification training for Class 3 Landfill Managers on March 13-16, 2018.

Contact Pete Stevens if you have any questions.

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Training Programs for Operators of Landfills & MSW Transfer Stations

DHEC offers professional training programs for operators of Class 2 Landfills, Class 3 Landfills and Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Transfer Stations.

The training programs:

  • Ensure that all solid waste facility operators are professionally trained and re-certified on a regular basis in order to stay up-to-date of changes in solid waste technology as well as changes in South Carolina's environmental laws and regulations
  • Help improve the design and operational practices at landfills and transfer stations
  • Increase the operators' awareness of the impact on human health, safety, and the environment.

Class 3 Landfill Operators: Training Required

Supervision of the operation of a Class 3 Landfill shall be the responsibility of a qualified individual that has completed operator training courses and is certified pursuant to Regulation 61-107.14 Solid Waste Management: Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Operator's Certification. This regulation defines "operator" as: any person, including the owner, who is principally engaged in, or is in charge of, the actual operation, supervision, and maintenance of a MSW landfill and includes the person in charge of a shift or period during any part of the day. Operators are classified in one of two categories:

  • "Manager" means the person(s) with the responsibility for the overall management of the facility.
  • "Supervisor" means the person(s) with the supervisory responsibility for a specific facility site or shift.

Participants who complete one of the Class 3 Landfill training programs and pass the written examination will be certified for 3 years and may maintain certification by earning a specific number of continuing education units approved by DHEC over the 3-year period(s).

Class 2 Landfill and Transfer Station Operators: Training Recommended

Even though training for operators of Class 2 landfills and transfer stations is not currently required by regulation, DHEC strongly recommends that all operators take advantage of these voluntary training opportunities.

When Are Training Courses Offered?

Class 3 Landfill Manager, Class 3 Landfill Supervisor and Class 2 Landfill Operator training is offered annually. Transfer Station Operator training is offered every other year beginning in 2016.

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For additional information, contact Pete Stevens at (803) 898-1372.