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Corrective Action Section

Any amendments to solicitations will appear above. However, if you would like to receive notification of any amendments, please e-mail Lee Monts and indicate the solicitation number you wish to be directly notified. Lee Monts is the only person who can be contacted during the solicitation process.

The solicitation will remain posted above until the Owner/Operator selects the contractor who will receive the financial award.

Sealed bids will be opened by Lee Monts after the closing, and the bid responses will be forwarded to the Owner/Operator for review. A public opening of the sealed bids will not occur. Bid responses may not be submitted via fax.

Inquiries regarding bid results prior to the financial award should be directed to the Owner/Operator. Bid results may be obtained from the Freedom of Information (FOI) Office once the financial award has been made.

Lee A. Monts, Manager
Corrective Action Section
Division of Underground Storage Tank Management
Bureau of Land and Waste Management
Phone: (803) 898-0668
e-mail Lee Monts