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Active Corrective Action Open Bids

Active Corrective Action Open Solicitations

For all open ACA solicitations, the technical file will be made available for review until the Initial Corrective Action Plan is approved.

The files are listed below under the site's UST Permit Number. The files can also be reviewed in person at the Freedom of Information (FOI) Office or call phone (803) 898-3880.

UST Solicitation Site Files (pdf)

12458 (All)
09322 (All)
08650 (All)
07504 (All)
05678 (All)
05694 (All)
00505 (All)
02580 (All)
18011 (All)
06730 (All)
09999 (All)
09530 (All)
12299 (All)
10658 (All)
10778 (All)
13156 (All)