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Food Safety

The United States Department of Agriculture released data sheets in 2014 which estimated that there are 8.9 million cases of foodborne illness annually in the US and that the cost of foodborne illness in the US is $15.6 billion annually.

DHEC's Role

DHEC inspects more than 18,000 retail food establishments statewide and issues permits to new facilities prior opening. Retail food establishments include operations such as restaurants, grocery stores, food trucks, schools and other institutions. Risk-based inspections are conducted at each establishment in the state annually or quarterly, based on an establishment's food processes and their compliance history.

DHEC also regulates food safety for dairy and manufactured food operations and shellfish harvesting areas to ensure that oysters, clams and mussels are safe for human consumption.

The agency also provides a wide variety of information and resources to help protect the public from potential food safety factors.

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