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Permits: Church or Charitable Events

Church banquetSouth Carolina churches often hold Sunday or mid-week meals for members and guests.

Churches and charities (non-profits) also hold fundraising barbecues, holiday carnivals and other events open to the public involving food service. Some organizations sponsor soup kitchens and special meals as a public service.

No permit is needed for these events if your organization will:

  • Serve members and guests only and on church/charity premises
  • Serve the public, on church/charity premises, for no more than 12 functions in a 12-month period. This is true even when your organization charges for the food.

However, a permit is needed if your organization will:

  • Serve the public, on church/charity premises, 13 or more functions in a 12-month period (even if you do not charge for the food).
  • Serve the public, away from church/charity premises (regardless of whether or not the church/charity charges for the food).

Under either scenario, depending on circumstances, your organization may need to apply for and meet the requirements of a: