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Ways to Prevent Arthritis

  • Keep a healthy weight - Being overweight or obese increases the risk of developing arthritis. Good nutrition can help with weight control, which reduces the risk of developing arthritis. For people with arthritis, keeping a healthy weight can help manage arthritis symptoms and prevent progression of the disease.
  • Protect your joints - Joint injury or overuse can lead to osteoarthritis. Preventing overuse of joints and protecting joints reduce the risk of developing arthritis.
  • Stay Active - Regular physical activity can help prevent some forms of arthritis. For people with arthritis, low-impact activities, performed at a moderate pace, such as swimming, walking, and riding a bike, can reduce arthritis pain and delay disability. Everyday activities, such as gardening, are also helpful in managing arthritis.
  • Sign Up for a Life Improvement Program class - Attending an exercise or self-management class or workshop can help you to become more physically active and make other healthy lifestyle changes that can improve your health. Find out more about Life Improvement Programs.

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