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Best Chance Network (BCN)
South Carolina's Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program

Who We Are?

  • Breast and cervical cancer screening at no cost for South Carolina women who qualify.
  • Covered services include but are not limited to —
    • Clinical breast examinations.
    • Mammograms.
    • Pap tests.
    • Pelvic examinations.
    • Human papillomavirus (HPV) tests.
    • Diagnostic testing if results are abnormal.
    • Referrals to treatment
  • Who May Qualify for Free Cancer Screenings?

    • Women who live in South Carolina
    • 21 to 64-years old
      • Women younger than 40 who may have breast or cervical cancer symptoms may be screened if funding available
    • Women with high family risk of breast or cervical cancer may be screened if funding available
    • No health insurance or are underinsured (minimal insurance)
    • Deductibles (out of pocket expenses) of $1,000 or higher
    • Insurance that does not cover diagnostic services
    • Meet income eligibility guidelines (see below)

    Best Chance Network (BCN)

    Income Eligibility Guidelines for
    6/30/17 - 6/29/18

    Family Size

    Annual Income


    $30,150 or less


    $40,600 or less


    $51,050 or less


    $61,500 or less


    $71,950 or less


    $82,400 or less


    $92,850 or less


    $103,300 or less

    NOTE: For families/households with more than 8 persons, add $10,450 for each additional person.

    Women between the ages of 40 and 64 who qualify for BCN services may also qualify for the WISEWOMAN Program services.

    What Services Does BCN Provide?

    1. Screening services:
      • Office visit
        • Clinical breast exam
        • Pelvic exam
      • Mammogram
      • Pap test / Human papillomavirus (HPV) test
    2. Diagnostic testing for women with abnormal screening results (e.g ultrasound, MRIs)
    3. Follow-up guidance and support services
    4. Community education on breast and cervical cancer

    Are you Eligible for BCN Services?

    If you or someone you know may qualify for BCN services, please call the Division of Cancer Prevention Hotline (BCN and WISEWOMAN) at 1-800-450-4611.

    To become a BCN Provider or to find out about a provider near you call the Division of Cancer Prevention Hotline (BCN and WISEWOMAN) at 1-800-450-4611.

    To speak to the program manager or staff about guidelines or issues with the Best Chance Network: Contact the Division of Cancer Prevention and Control Program at (803) 898-1615.