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Getting Help – Who to Call

The S.C. AIDS/STD Hotline - 1-800-322-AIDS (2437)

S.C. DHEC Central Office “Who To Call” For STD/HIV Related Issues and Resources
S.C. DHEC Funded and Community Partner HIV & HCV Testing Sites
S.C. DHEC Preventive Health Program Managers
S.C. DHEC Disease Intervention Specialists (DIS) Primary Contacts
S.C. DHEC STD/HIV Social Workers
S.C. DHEC HIV Service Providers (Ryan White Part B)
S.C. HIV Service Providers (Ryan White Part C)
S.C. DHEC HIV Service Providers (Ryan White Part D - Pediatric Care)
S.C. DHEC STD/HIV community-based prevention partners
S.C. Local Alcohol and Drug Abuse Authorities

The above lists are from SHARING (Statewide HIV/AIDS Resources and Information Network Guide), a resource provided by the DHEC’s STD/HIV Division. You can find available services funded by DHEC, CDC or HRSA listed by county. Services include HIV counseling and testing sites, HIV care and supportive services organizations.

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