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Status Updates on Dams

DHEC teams have proactively assessed all high-hazard (Class 1) and significant-hazard (Class 2), and some low-hazard (Class 3) dams statewide as a precaution after the historic rains and flooding of October 2015. To keep the public informed, the agency has provided updates about confirmed dam breaches and ongoing efforts being taken by the department during and following this disaster event.

Dam Reports

To further inform the public, the agency is making available dam inspection reports for confirmed failed dams during the October 2015 flood event and final inspection reports for all Class 1, 2, 3, and S1 dams statewide. All reports listed are from before the 2015 flooding events.

As the state's regulatory agency, DHEC's role is to provide input and assistance to dam owners and operators and to advise on regulatory compliance. The dam owner is responsible for maintaining the structural integrity of their dams. We do not provide engineering services to dam owners, but we do provide compliance assistance.
The agency is currently evaluating the responses to the emergency orders and conducting follow-up site visits to assess if appropriate actions are being taken.

As of August 23, 2016 DHEC has:

  • Assessed all 652 Class 1and Class 2 dams statewide and identified low-hazard dams.
  • Issued emergency orders covering 76 dams.
  • Identified 185 additional dams as being in need of inspection and potentially requiring non-emergent maintenance or repairs.
  • Of the dams that were damaged, confirmed 50 regulated dams breached / failed. Sent a Notice of Violation (NoV) to owners of 29 dams who did not provide documentation of their required action items by the deadline stated in the emergency order.
  • Issued 29 permits to repair dams since October. This includes permits issued pursuant to Emergency Orders or other DHEC directives, such as the Inspection and Maintenance letters issued in November. 
  • Partnered with HDR Engineering to conduct a complete review of the agency's dam safety program.
  • Contracted with HDR to conduct an engineering review and assessment of the Gills Creek Watershed.
  • Hosted a forum for dam owners on March 12, 2016 to help connect dam owners to information and people who can help them move towards recovery.
  • Continued to work with dam owners to provide technical assistance so that they can make final decisions on the future of their dams and implement the repairs.
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