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Breathe Better (B2) Program

Breathe Better (B2) Anti-Idling Program

Breathe Better (B2) is an anti-idling, clean air education program promoted by DHEC's Bureau of Air Quality. The goal of B2 is to help protect public health and improve air quality by reducing harmful vehicle emissions around school campuses and other public spaces.

B2 is is engaging community partners to help encourage all South Carolinians to turn off their engines while they wait. Schools and businesses can sign up to receive free educational and outreach materials to help make their campuses and parking lots idle-free zones that are healthier for students, employees, visitors and the community.

What is idling?

Idling means that a vehicle's engine is turned on but the vehicle is not in motion. Idling vehicles pollute the air and get you nowhere - wasting gas and money.

Why is vehicle idling a problem?

Mobile sources of air pollution such as personal vehicles, school buses and delivery trucks are major contributors to air pollution in South Carolina. Vehicle exhaust contains many pollutants that are linked to asthma and other lung diseases, allergies, heart disease, increased risk of infections and cancer, and other health problems.

Five minutes of idling wastes enough gas to travel ¾ of a mile and releases many harmful pollutants. Just 30 seconds of idling can use more fuel than turning off the engine and restarting it.

Get involved and make a difference
  • Register your school or business to participate in the B2 program!
  • If you expect to idle for more than 30 seconds, turn off the engine (except in traffic).
  • Steer clear of drive-though windows at fast-food restaurants, banks and drug stores. Park and go inside instead.
  • If you must use a drive-through, turn off your engine while at the window.
  • Waiting for someone in the parking lot? Picking up the kids at school? Turn off the engine while you wait.