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B2 Breathe Better - How to Participate

These guidelines for B2 may be modified to meet any school's unique circumstances. To start B2 at your school, contact:

Megan Johnson
(803) 898-3752

  • Planning
    • Arrange a meeting with a B2 representative to set goals and a timeline for the program.
    • Choose a faculty or staff member to coordinate the project.
  • Student Involvement – the "Clean Air Patrol"
    • Recruit students to be the Clean Air Patrol. Recommend 3rd grade and older.
    • Educate these students on air quality and Patrol activities, which may include:
      • Distribute surveys, flyers, and rewards (when available) to inform and encourage parents
      • Create posters and newsletter articles to raise awareness
      • Data collection (see step 3)
      • Meet with bus drivers to encourage their participation
      • Presentations to fellow students, faculty and/or parent groups
  • Data Collection
    • Don't be scared! Data collection for B2 is simple, but essential for tracking progress.
    • Data collection should begin before the project starts, to determine a baseline for measuring success, and be repeated at least twice in the first year of participation.
      • Reporting Schedule: Baseline due September 30th, Winter data due by January 31st, Spring data due by April 30th
      • All new schools are required to submit a baseline data report prior to receiving anti-idling signs, brochures, postcards, car decals, etc.
  • Adopt a Policy
    • Another simple but essential step, an official policy will help ensure that B2 and the practice of "no idling" will continue beyond the first year.
    • Place the "no idling" policy in the student/parent handbook and the school website.
    • School Policy Samples (pdf)
  • Getting the Word Out
    • Inform families about B2 by email, flyers, posters, newsletter, surveys, and/or phone.
    • Build excitement and teach all students about B2. Have special "kickoff day" promotions or events. Lesson plans available, as well as "Spare the Air" bookmarks for all students.
    • Meet with the bus drivers. Work with the transportation director if necessary.
    • Post "no idling" signs (up to 3 will be provided) on campus as a reminder to drivers.
    • Survey Template (pdf)
    • School Newsletter Sample (pdf)
    • "No Idling" Sign (pdf)
  • Keep it Going
    • Make a plan for continuing B2 into the second year. Reinforce the message and track progress. Recruit a new Clean Air Patrol if necessary.
    • Consider other projects to improve air quality. Visit for ideas. Some examples from other schools are:
      • Planting trees/landscaping to reduce mowing area
      • Erect an informational kiosk
      • Encourage carpooling to reduce vehicle traffic
      • Start a walk/bike to school program
      • Establish an environmental club
      • Establish a school air quality flag program
      • Host an air quality poster/calendar contest