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Puppet Show: Flora and Floppy Go to the Dentist

Flora and Floppy sitting on Flora’s bed.“Flora and Floppy go to the Dentist” is a 20 minute interactive puppet show for children ages 3-8. This unique initiative was created as a result of an American Dental Association (ADA) grant that funded the theater to create a traveling puppet show.

The show debuted in the fall of 2008 to over 300 kids at a “Back to School Bash held at the S.C. State Fairgrounds. As of 2011, the show has been seen by more than 19,000 children at over 100 different schools and Head Start Centers.

“According to the 2008 Oral Health Needs Assessment (OHNA), 47 percent of South Carolina children in kindergarten and third grade have experienced tooth decay,” said Christine Veschusio, director of DHEC’s Division of Oral Health. “The show is a great way to reach children across the state with an oral health message. The value of this type of approach is that children are learning some key concepts about taking care of their teeth without even realizing that they are learning!”

Some of the messages highlighted in the show include:

  • Brushing and flossing teeth
  • Going to the dentist
  • Getting dental sealants
  • Eating healthy foods and limiting sugary foods and drinks
  • Drinking fluoridated water

The theater is currently accepting requests for shows. The performances are designed for large groups of students. The cost of the show is $225 within a 50 mile radius of Columbia and $250 outside a 50 mile radius of the Columbia area.

For more information on scheduling a show, contact the South Carolina Dental Association at (803) 750-2277 or toll-free in S.C. 1-800-327-2598.


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