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Congaree River Sediment Project - DHEC’s Preferred Cleanup Alternative

DHEC's preferred cleanup alternative for the Congaree River sediments and soils is No. 4 - Removal of the TLM and Impacted Sediments. This alternative is the most protective of human health and the environment because it permanently removes the TLM and affected sediments and soils to the maximum extent possible. Because of the scope of work involved, the cleanup would be conducted in multiple phases and take approximately 3 years to complete. Although the affected area would remain off-limits during the cleanup, official access points to the river would not restricted.

Federal and state laws govern activities in (or affecting) navigable waters, therefore various permits will be required if it is selected as the final cleanup alternative. The United States Army Corps of Engineers and DHEC have established a joint application process for activities requiring both federal and state reviews or approvals. The permit processes require SCE&G to submit detailed information for the project addressing, but not limited to, the following:

  • Potential impacts on public navigation practices within the Congaree River;
  • Temporary dam construction design and operation;
  • Techniques for the temporary removal of water, also known as dewatering;
  • Land disturbance activities;
  • Management of impacted water and sediments from the river and uplands;
  • Impact to wetlands (as applicable);
  • Historic impacts and recovery of historic artifacts (as applicable and through approvals from the State of South Carolina Historic Preservation Office and/or South Carolina Institute of Archeology and Anthropology); and
  • Endangered or threatened plant and animal species (as applicable and through approvals from National Marine Fisheries, the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources and/or United States Fish and Wildlife Agencies).

All documents that DHEC used in evaluating the cleanup alternatives can be found in the Administrative Record. DHEC will accept public comments on the preferred cleanup alternative for this site, as well as all cleanup options evaluated, through April 22, 2013, and should be submitted to Lucas Berresford, Project Manager, DHEC, Bureau of Land and Waste Management, 2600 Bull Street, Columbia, SC 29201, or by email at All written comments will be considered before a final cleanup alternative is selected.

For questions or additional information about the assessment and cleanup of the Congaree River sediments and soils, please contact Lucas Berresford, Project Manager, at (803) 896-4071, or by e-mail at