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S.C. Success Stories

Horry County

Horry County Solid Waste Authority began looking into C&D recycling programs in late 2010. They applied to DHEC for a solid waste processing permit in October 2011 and the permit was approved in January 2012. A carpet recycler visited the site in early 2012 and thoroughly reviewed the process and  requirements. C&D recycling began in May 2012 whenthe recycler placed a carpet recovery trailer at the site. Landfill customers that recycle their carpet receive an 18 percent tipping fee cost savings of $5 per ton. When a trailer is full, the recycler picks it up within 24 to 48 hours. Each load has to be a minimum of 15 tons. As of October 2013, the program has recycled 360 tons of carpet and almost 64 tons of padding for a total of almost 424 tons of material. Additionally, it is estimated that recycling carpet has added three days to the life of the county's Class 2 landfill. Carpet recovery continues at the Horry County landfill. 418 tons of carpet was collected for recycling in FY14.

Union County

In December 2011 Union County met with a carpet recycler at the C&D Recycling Conference in Columbia and discussed carpet recycling. This program started in March 2012 with the carpet recycler placing a 53-foot trailer at Union County's dock. No preparations for carpet recycling had been made. Union County trained its attendants on carpet recycling and informed its retailers and installers. Additionally a newspaper article provided information on carpet recycling in the county. Initially, carpet was collected by storing it in oil sheds. Later, new oil sheds were built (the old sheds are still used for carpet). The program uses a truck, trailer, one paid employee and 2 inmates. Program challenges included not collecting enough carpet, carpet that came with trash, trouble loading the maximum weight. and wet carpet. As of April 2014, about 51 tons of carpet have been collected for recycling. Union County continues to recover carpet for recycling and collected almost 17 tons of carpet in FY14.