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What do recycled items become?

Ever wonder what happens to those items that you recycle? There are thousands of products that are made from recycled material - and there's a good chance you already have a few in your own home.

ALUMINUM CANS - Aluminum can be recycled over and over without losing its quality. In fact, nearly 75 percent of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today. Recycled cans are typically turned into new cans, but also can have a second life as airplane parts, aluminum foil and bicycles.

PLASTIC BOTTLES & CONTAINERS (PET #1) - This plastic is most often used for soda and water bottles. Recycled PET bottles can become new beverage and food containers, household cleaning product bottles, fiberfill and fabric.

PLASTIC BOTTLES & CONTAINERS (HDPE #2) - This plastic is used for milk and juice bottles. Recycled HDPE containers become plastic lumber, furniture, picnic tables, tile, drainage pipe, truck liners and recycling bins.

JUICE & MILK CARTONS - Recycled cartons are turned into tissue paper, office paper and building materials such as ceiling and roof tiles.

CARDBOARD & PAPERBOARD - Recycled cardboard boxes typically become new cardboard boxes, but they also can become paper bags and paperboard. Paperboard is typically turned into soap boxes, tissue boxes and shoe boxes.

NEWSPAPERS & MAGAZINES - Recycled newspaper can be turned into egg cartons, paper plates, construction paper and kitty litter. Magazines are turned into newsprint, tissue, paperboard and writing paper.

STEEL CANS - Also called tin cans, steel cans can be endlessly recycled. Steel cans can become new food cans as well as appliances, bicycles, car parts, file cabinets, guard rails and paint cans.

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