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Approved TMDLs by Watershed Area

SC Basins

Click on the watershed near your location of the State to find out about TMDLs in a particular watershed area.


Waterbody Parameter of Concern Sites
Brushy Creek Fecal Coliform BE-009, BE-035

Cedar Creek

Fecal Coliform


Durbin Creek pH B-097

Enoree River Basin

Fecal Coliform B-035, B-037, B-038, B-041, B-053, B-054, B-072, B-097, B-150, B-186, B-192, B-231, B-241, B-246, BE-001, BE-007, BE-015, BE-017, BE-018, BE-020, BE-024, BE-039, BE-040
Loves Creek Fecal Coliform/E. coli RS-08272 
Lower Broad River Fecal Coliform B-046, B-064, B-074, B-075, B-077, B-086, B-102, B-110, B-123, B-136, B-145, B-155, B-243, B-280, B-316, B-335, B-337, B-338, B-350

Middle Tyger River

Fecal Coliform B-148

Tyger River Basin

Fecal Coliform B-005, B-008, B-012, B-014, B-018A, B-019, B-020, B-021, B-051, B-067A, B-067B, B-164, B-199, B-219, B-235, B-263, B-286, B-287, B-315, B-321, B-332, B-336, BF-007, BF-008
Upper Broad River Watershed Fecal Coliform B-026, B-028, B-042, B-044, B-048, B-056, B-057, B-059, B-062, B-088, B-095, B-100, B-103, B-119, B-126, B-128, B-133, B-159, B-191, B-211, B-221, B-259, B-277, B-278, B-301, B-302, B-323, B-325, B-326, B-330, B-331, B-334, BL-001, BL-005, BP-001


Waterbody Parameter of Concern Sites
Allison Creek Fecal Coliform CW-171
Allison Creek - lower Fecal Coliform CW-249
Beaverdam Creek York County Fecal Coliform CW-153
Big Wateree Creek Fecal Coliform CW-072
Big Wateree Creek Turbidity CW-072
Brown Creek Fecal Coliform CW-105
Calabash Branch Fecal Coliform CW-134
Camp Creek Fecal Coliform CW-235
Cane Creek Fecal Coliform CW-017, CW-047, CW-131, CW-151, CW-185
Catawba River-Rocky Creek Fecal Coliform CW-002, CW-174,
CW-175, CW-236
Catawba River Tributary Fecal Coliform CW-221
Dutchman's Creek Fecal Coliform RS-02321
Fishing Creek Fecal Coliform CW-005, CW-008, CW-029,
CW-224, CW-225, CW-233
Grannies Quarter Creek Fecal Coliform CW-237
Grassy Run Branch Fecal Coliform CW-088
Lower Allison Creek
Fecal Coliform CW-249
Neelys Creek Fecal Coliform CW-227
Sawneys Creek Fecal Coliform CW-079, CW-228
Spears and Kelly Creeks Fecal Coliform CW-154, CW-166
Steele Creek Fecal Coliform CW-009, CW-011, CW-203
Tinkers Creek Fecal Coliform CW-234
Tools Fork Creek Fecal Coliform CW-212
Twenty-five Mile Creek   Fecal Coliform CW-080
Waxhaw Creek Fecal Coliform CW-083, CW-145, CW-176
Wildcat Creek Fecal Coliform CW-006,CW-096


Waterbody Parameter of Concern Sites
Cattle Creek Fecal Coliform E-108
Caw Caw Swamp Fecal Coliform E-105
Four Holes Swamp and Tribs Fecal Coliform E-022, E-076, E-059, E-050, 
E-051, E-052
Indian Field Swamp Fecal Coliform E-032
Jeremy Inlet/Scott Creek Fecal Coliform Shellfish Sites 13-22, 13-23
Lower N. Fork Edisto River and Tribs. Fecal Coliform E-007, E-007B, E-008,E-035, E-092
Middle and Lower Edisto River Fecal Coliform E-013, E-113
North Fork Edisto and Tributaries
Fecal Coliform E-084, E-091, E-102, RS-01004
Polk Swamp Fecal Coliform E-016, E-109
Roberts Swamp Fecal Coliform E-039
South Fork Edisto Fecal Coliform E-002, E-036, RS-01034
Toogoodoo Creek Fecal Coliform Shellfish Sites 12B-34, 12B-35, 12B-45


Waterbody Parameter of Concern Sites
AIWW-Waccamaw River Dissolved Oxygen MD-110, MD-111, MD-136,
MD-127, MD-089, MD-088,
MD-146, MD-137, MD-087,
MD-085, MD-091, MD-125
Big Swamp Fecal Coliform PD-169
Black Creek and Tributaries Fecal Coliform PD-137, PD-141, PD-258, RS-01023, RS-03507, RS-06027
Black River Fecal Coliform PD-353
Fork Creek Fecal Coliform PD-067, PD-068
Hanging Rock - Lick Creek Fecal Coliform PD-328, PD-329
Jeffries Creek and Tribs Fecal Coliform/E. Coli PD-167, PD-256, PD-065, PD-230, RS-07205, PD-035, PD-231
Lake Swamp and Lower Sparrow Swamp Fecal Coliform/E. coli PD-332, PD-345, RS-12084
Litchfield - Pawley's Island Fecal Coliform 04-09, 04-10, 04-11, 04-12, 04-13, 04-14, 04-19, 04-21
Little Lynches River and Tributaries Fecal Coliform PD-006, PD-335
Murrell's Inlet Fecal Coliform 04-01, 04-01A, 04-02, 04-06, 04-08, 04-16, 04-26, 04-27
Pee Dee River Basin Fecal Coliform

PD-030, PD-030A, PD-037, PD-040*, PD-065**, PD-066, PD-098*, PD-113, PD-179, PD-180, PD-187, PD-239*, PD-320, PD-333, PD-342, PD-352

*TMDLs revised June 2013; See Pocotaligo River and Tribs. TMDL Document
**TMDL revised March 2016; See Jeffries Creek and Tribs. TMDL Document
Pocotaligo River and Tribs Fecal Coliform//E.coli RS-03345, PD-202, RS-07192, PD-115, RS-08232, RS-03347, PD-098, PD-040, and PD-239
Scapeore Swamp Fecal Coliform PD-355
Sparrow Swamp Fecal Coliform PD-072
Thompson Creek Fecal Coliform PD-246, PD-247
Upper Little Pee Dee Fecal Coliform PD-29E


Waterbody Parameter of Concern Sites
Beaufort River Dissolved Oxygen MD-001, MD-002, MD-003, MD-004, MD02003
Chechessee Creek Fecal Coliform 18-09, 18-10, 18-11
Coosawhatchie R-Sanders Br DO CSTL-011, CSTL-109
Lake Edgar Brown Phosphorus & pH CL-064
Little Salkehatchie River and Buckhead Creek Fecal Coliform/E. coli CSTL-115, CSTL-117, CSTL-119, RS-08076
Okatie River Fecal Coliform Shellfish Sites 18-07, 18-08, 18-16, 18-17
Salkehatchie River and Tribs Fecal Coliform CSTL-001B, CSTL-003, CSTL-006, CSTL-028, RS-02472


Waterbody Parameter of Concern Sites
Big Creek Fecal Coliform RS-05590
Broad Mouth Creek Fecal Coliform S-010, S-289, S-304
Bush River Fecal Coliform S-046, S-102
Congaree Creek Fecal Coliform C-005, C-008, C-025, C-067
Gills Creek Dissolved Oxygen C-017, C-048
Gills Creek
Fecal Coliform C-001, C-017
Little River Fecal Coliform S-034, S-038, S-099, S-135, S-297, S-305
Little Saluda Fecal Coliform S-050, S-123, S-255, S-290, S-306, S-324
Lorick Branch Fecal Coliform S-150
Lower Saluda River Fecal Coliform S-149, S-294, S-260
Mill Creek Fecal Coliform S-315
Ninety Six Creek and Tribs Fecal Coliform RS-03346, S-092, S-093, S-233, S-235
Rabon Creek Fecal Coliform S-096, S-307, S-321, S-322
Rawls Creek Fecal Coliform S-287
Scott Creek Fecal Coliform S-044
Upper Saluda River Basin Fecal Coliform S-004, S-005, S-007, S-087, S-103, S-171, S-250, S-252, S-267, S-299, S-300, S-301, S-302


Waterbody Parameter of Concern Sites
Ashley-Cooper-Wando-Charleston Harbor Dissolved Oxygen CSTL-085, CSTL-102, MD-049, MD-052, MD-115, MD-152, MD-264, RO-09363, RT-032046
Big Branch Fecal Coliform CW-243
Potato Creek Fecal Coliform RS-03501, ST-035
Sawmill Br-Dorchester Ck Fecal Coliform CSTL-013, CSTL-043
South Santee Coastal Fecal Coliform Shellfish Sites 06A-01, 06A-01A, 06A-02, 06B-06, 06B-07, 06B-08, 06B-09, 06B-10, 06B-12, 06B-13, 06B-16, 06B-19, 06B-20, 06B-21, 06B-22, 06B-23
Wando River and Tributaries Fecal Coliform

Shellfish Sites: 09B-02, 09B-04, 09B-05, 09B-06, 09B-07, 09B-09, 09B-10, 09B-11, 09B-12, 09B-18, and 09B-21

Wadboo Swamp and Cane Gully Branch

E. coli RS-02461, RS-03333


Waterbody Parameter of Concern Sites
Beaverdam Creek Oconee County Fecal Coliform SV-345
Beaverdam Creek Edgefield County E. coli SV-353
Burgess Creek Fecal Coliform RS-02466
Choestoea Creek and Tributary Fecal Coliform SV-108, SV-301
Cane Creek Fecal Coliform SV-342, SV-343
Coneross Creek Fecal Coliform SV-333, SV-004
Hard Labor Creek Fecal Coliform SV-151
Hollow Creek Fecal Coliform SV-350
Horse Creek Fecal Coliform SV-069, SV-072, SV-073, SV-250
Little Eastatoe Creek Fecal Coliform SV-341
Pretty Run Creek Fecal Coliform RS-04544
Rocky River-Wilson Creek Fecal Coliform SV-031, SV-041, SV-043, SV-139, SV-140, SV-141, SV-347
Turkey Creek and Tributaries Fecal Coliform/E. coli RS-08068, SV-352
Twelve Mile Creek Fecal Coliform SV-015, SV-136, SV-137, 
SV-206, SV-239
Stevens Creek and Tributaries Fecal Coliform RS-06016, SV-330, SV-351* *TMDL Revised May 2015
Upper Savannah River Fecal Coliform

RS-1049, SV-017, SV-052, SV-053B, SV-111, SV-135, SV-164, SV-192, SV-233, SV-241, SV-245, SV-268, SV-318, SV-348, SV-349

Upper Three Runs and Tims Branch E. Coli SV-324, SV-325