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Santee River Basin

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The Department's Santee River Basin encompasses 1,923,528 acres and is subdivided into 16 watersheds or hydrologic units within South Carolina, which include the Santee River Basin, the Cooper River Basin, and the Santee Coastal Frontage Basin. The Santee River Basin is subdivided into 5 watersheds and includes the Santee River as it winds through Lake Marion, along the Rediversion Canal and splits into the North and South Santee Rivers draining to the Atlantic Ocean. The Cooper River Basin is subdivided into 9 watersheds and includes Lake Moultrie, the Cooper River and its tributaries (Wadboo Creek, East Branch Cooper River, Wando River, Ashley River, Stono River) as it winds its way to Charleston Harbor. The Santee Coastal Frontage Basin is divided into 2 watersheds that contain portions of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway (AIWW). There are a total of 3,902 stream miles, 133,867 acres of lake waters, and 45,511 acres of estuarine areas in the Santee Basin.

For basin descriptions, facts, figures, and detailed maps download the complete Santee Watershed Water Quality Assessment document or click on a specific watershed below. To learn more about the factors included in the Santee Watershed document, download the Factors Assessed in Watershed Evaluations.

Santee River - 03050111, 03050112 ,
Cooper River - 03050201, 03050202, Santee Coastal Frontage - 03050209

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