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Water Testing Instructions

The sample bottle is sterile and contains white crystals of sodium thiosulfate, a dechlorinating compound. DO NOT open the bottle  until the moment it is to be filled. DO NOT rinse the bottle. Please observe the expiration date on bottle. This bottle cannot be used to collect a sample after the expiration date indicated on the bottle label.

To Collect the Water Sample

  1. Remove any strainers or aerators from the faucet or hoses from the spigot. Rub or spray the outside and inside of the faucet or spigot with isopropyl alcohol or unscented bleach.
  2. Open the cold water spigot or faucet and allow the water to run for at least five minutes without changing the flow of the water.
  3. Be careful not to touch the inside of the bottle or cap; do not let the water splash from your hands into the bottle. Remove the bottle cap and fill the bottle to the fill line as indicated and cap immediately.
  4. Fill out the enclosed sample form (DHEC 1309A) with your name, mailing address, daytime phone number and the date and time of sample collection. The sample cannot be tested without this information.
  5. Take the sample immediately to one of the bottle distribution points; i.e., local local DHEC Public Health Department or Environmental Quality Control Office.

Please note: A fee of $20 is charged for this test and an invoice will accompany the test results. If this sample is for a new drinking water well, the fee is included in the permit fee; please write the permit number under your address to avoid being charged a second time.

A total coliform sample must be submitted the same day it is collected so that the sample will arrive at the DHEC laboratory within 30 hours after collection. Samples received more than 30 hours after collection cannot be tested. DHEC accepts samples on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during normal business hours, except that samples submitted at our 2600 Bull Street location must arrive before 2:00 p.m. Samples are not accepted on Thursdays, Fridays, the day before a state holiday or state holidays.