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Application details are listed below the disclaimer in alphabetical order.


This website is a public information resource. SCDHEC makes no warranty, representation or guarantee as to the content, sequence, accuracy, timeliness or completeness of any of the database information provided herein. SCDHEC explicitly disclaims any representations and warranties, including, without limitation, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. SCDHEC shall assume no liability for:

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AERMOD is a steady-state plume model used to predict atmospheric pollutant concentrations. Two input datasets are part of the regulatory modeling system: meteorological data and elevation. To expedite the modeling process, the application allows users to interactively download the datasets by county.

Image for Air Monitoring Application Air Monitoring Data

The South Carolina Air Monitoring Network provides information on SCDHEC's current and historical air monitoring stations, information on pollutants sampled, objectives and historical concentrations. Links to explanation of standards are provided.

Image for Beach Advisory Application Beach Advisories

The Beach Advisory application provides up-to-date information on advisories. If a high bacteria count is found an advisory is issued for that portion of beach. Advisories do not mean that the beach is closed. Wading, fishing, and shell collecting do not pose a risk. Advisories are lifted when sample results fall below the acceptable limit.

Image for Beach Jurisdiction Application Beachfront Jurisdiction

The South Carolina Beachfront Jurisdiction web application was developed to enable efficient access to key information by coastal stakeholders and decision-makers. Users of the application can quickly navigate to specific beaches or properties, view state jurisdictional line locations and adopted long-term erosion rates. Technical users of the site may also download beachfront survey information packets, which contain jurisdictional line coordinates and survey monument locations.

Image for Health Department Finder Application DHEC Health Departments

The DHEC Health Department Finder application allow users to search for any DHEC owned and operated health facility. It contains drive time and service area functions to help the user locate the facility closest to their location. Contact information, services provided, images, and operation status for each facility are provided.

Image for Discover Your Community Application Discover Your Community

Discover Your Community provides information on health care facilities and restaurant inspections. Health care facilities include hospice, community residential care and nursing homes. Searches are available to determine if a health care facility is within a hurricane storm surge area. Restaurants can be searched by zip code and their sanitation/food safety scores (Grade A, B or C).

Image for EPHT Application Environmental Public Health Tracking (EPHT)

Environmental Public Health Tracking (EPHT) is a nationally integrated environmental and public health information system. It is designed to provide data and information for better decision making to improve health as well as taking care of the environment. Track it! Map it! Use it !

Image for MarinaMate Application MarinaMate

The MarinaMate application provides marina locations statewide along with information on available services. Marinas can be located by using the current location, an address or by marina name. Nearby marinas are highlighted along with a route and driving directions. Searches can also be done by available services (gas, pumpouts, stores, etc).

Image for Public Notices Public Notice

The Public Notice Finder helps users discover public notices that exist in their community and obtain information about the notices. To locate an area of interest, simply click on the map, enter an address in the search box, or use your current location. Your specified location will then be hightlighted on the map and relevant public notice information will be presented.

Image for Recycle Application RecycleHere

The RecycleHere application allow users to search for recycling centers. It provides information on both curbside and drop off locations, material received and links to recycling coordinators. Both facility and materials received can be searched to provide the nearest center in your community.

Image for SCAN Application SC Community Assessment Network (SCAN)

SCAN provides interactive, real-time access to public health statistics online. Users can tailor information to their specific needs from one of the available datasets and produce tables, maps, charts, trend-lines or bar charts.

Image for Stormwater NOI Application Stormwater Notice of Intent (NOI)

The Stormwater NOI application is designed to assist applicants in procuring information required to obtain NPDES coverage under SC's Construction General Permit for Stormwater Discharges from large and small construction activities.

Image for Swimming Adivisory Application Swimming Advisories

The Swimming Advisories application displays the current advisory locations. SCDHEC tests the water quality of rivers, lakes and streams across the state. Tests sometimes show high amounts of bacteria for certain locations. When this occurs at sites where people commonly swim, DHEC initiates an advisory and installs a swimming advisory sign.


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