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Land and Waste Management

Public Notice by County



NOTES: Information included is provided by the applicant; details may change with the technical review process. No decision has been made on this application.

Mining and Solid Waste 8/11/2014
Marion Permit# 06279 - Tiger Mart 4 County UST 8-22-14
Marion Permit# 16089 - Reeds Store County UST 8-22-14
Dorchester County

Carolina Class 2 Landfill
Draft Permit

Mining and Solid Waste 8/15/2014
Greenwood UST Permit# 04788 - Fast Point 12 UST 8/10/14
Marion UST Permit# 06274 - Scotchman Convenience UST 8/22/14
Greenwood UST Permit# 12804 - Spinx 119 UST 8/10/14
Darlington County Sonoco Products Class 3 Landfill Mining and Solid Waste 8/1/2014
Jasper County Carolina Containers of Beaufort LLC C&D Recycling and Transfer Station 7/11/2014 8/11/2014
Lexington UST Permit# 07623 - St. Andrews BP (Fmr. Circle K 5141) UST 7-29-14
Chester UST Permit# 02099 - Former Center Express UST 7-21-14

30-Day Public Comment Period on proposed VCC 14-6206-NRP for the Campbell Colors Site

Brownfields 7/29/2014
Statewide Class 1 General Permit ​Revision Mining and Solid Waste 7/28/2014
Spartanburg International Mineral & Chemical (IMC) Site EPA Public Comment Period and Public Meeting Federal Remediation 7/9/2014
Sumter UST Permit# 08891 - Youngs 3643 UST 7/10/2014
Dorchester UST Permit# 03051-Arnold Steward UST 7/24/2014
Spartanburg UST Permit# 08448 - Plumley's 66 UST 7/5/2014
Richland 30-Day Public Comment Period on proposed VCC 14-5789-NRP for the South Carolina Department of Mental Health (SCDMH) Bull Street Campus property. Brownfields Program 7/22/2014
Charleston 30-Day Public Comment Period on proposed VCC 14-5044-NRP for property on the former Charleston Naval Complex Brownfields 7/22/2014

INTENT TO MINE – I-002058, William Livingston, III -   June 20, 2014 (start date)

Mining  7/14/2014
Cherokee Cherokee County Class 2 Landfill Solid Waste


Richland 30 Day Public Comment Period on a proposed Voluntary Cleanup Contract for the Bauknight Pietras and Stormer/Dunbar Property Brownfields 7/8/2014

Notice of a draft Hazardous Waste Permit

Division of Waste Management 8/1/2014
Statewide Solid Waste Advisory Council and Waste Tire Committee Mining and Solid Waste 11/15/2014

INTENT TO MINE – I-002053, Winnsboro Crushed Stone, LLC

Permit Application & Maps


Wetland Requests and Determinations


For more information please contact the Bureau of Land & Waste Management at (803) 898-2000.

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