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Standard Abbreviations

BCDCOG Berkeley, Charleston, Dorchester Council of Governments
EQC Environmental Quality Control (SCDHEC)
GSWSA Grand Strand WSA
LCG Lowcountry Council of Governments
OCRM Ocean and Coastal Resource Management (DHEC)
BCB Budget and Control Board
GCPW Goose Creek Public Works
SCDHEC S. C. Department of Health and Environmental Control
SCDNR S. C. Department of Natural Resources
SCDOT S. C. Department of Transportation
SCGO S. C. Governor's Office
SCPSA S. C. Public Service Authority
SCPW Summerville CPW
USAF U. S. Air Force
USACOE U. S. Army Corps of Engineers
USDA U. S. Department of Agriculture
USDE U. S. Department of Energy
USDHUD U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
USDOT U. S. Department of Transportation
USFHA U. S. Farmers Home Administration
USFWS U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service
USFS U. S. Forest Service
USICC U. S. Interstate Commerce Commission
USMC U. S. Marine Corps
USN U. S. Navy
WCOG Waccamaw COG
MPWWSC Mount Pleasant Water Works and Sewer Commission
MCCPW Moncks Corner CPW
404   Placement of Dredged or Fill Material in Wetlands
AIWW   Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway
AMP   Archaeological Master Plan
A-95   Grant Review Form
AQ   Air Quality
COG   Council of Governments
CPW   Commissioners of Public Works
DMP   Dock Master Plan
FC   Federal Consistency
GR   Misc. Grant Review
LF   Landfill
ND   No Discharge
NWP   Nation Wide Permit
OTHER   Misc. Permit, Grant, or Plan
PER   Preliminary Engineering Report
S/D   Subdivision
SCNW   South Carolina Navigable Waters
SW*   Stormwater
UST   Underground Storage Tank
WMP   Wetland Master Plan
WS*   Water Supply
WSA   Water and Sewer Authority
WW*   Wastewater
WTP   Wastewater Treatment Plant

*The DHEC Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management certifies permits issued from outside agencies that may potentially impact wetlands and other habitats.  Most of these certifications include work such as extending an existing wastewater line (WW) and installing new water supply (WS) lines.  Since a majority of the activities do not impact wide areas, OCRM does not always assemble a quad sheet/site map; however, all site information is available to anyone who requests it.

DHEC-OCRM also issues permits to applicants who are planning on impacting larger areas (i.e. new shopping centers, parking lots, etc) that fall within the Coastal Zone.  These permits are referred to as Stormwater (SW) Permits.  The idea behind a stormwater permit is to ensure that foreign bodies, debris, and other contaminates contained within the construction site, and not allowed to "leak" in the surrounding natural habitat.  All stormwater permits are "digitized" into the DHEC-OCRM system so that they may be projected onto a quad sheet/site map for geographical reference.