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About DHEC

Pinewood Site - Hazardous Waste Landfill, Pinewood, S.C.

The Pinewood Site was a hazardous waste landfill that operated from the 1980s to 2000 and treated and disposed of hazardous wastes. In 2000, the landfill operator, Safety Kleen, entered into bankruptcy. The bankruptcy was settled in 2003 and the landfill was officially shut down. Per the bankruptcy settlement agreement between DHEC and Safety Kleen, the State of South Carolina is the owner of the closed landfill. The Pinewood Site Custodial Trust was established to provide funding for the closure and 102 years of post closure operations and maintenance (O&M). Kestrel Horizons, located in Greenville, S.C., was selected as the Trustee, with DHEC the sole beneficiary. Kestrel handles the day-to-day operations at the site including leachate management, maintenance of the landfill caps, and storm water management.

There are three monetary funding mechanisms for the post-closure care of the Pinewood Site: 1) Pinewood Site Custodial Trust – provides an annual annuity payment to the Trustee for Site O&M; 2) New Environmental Impairment Fund - funds activities that may be needed to ensure protection of the environment including shortfalls in the Pinewood Site Custodial Trust fund; and 3) Permitted Sites Contingency Fund - funds from the disposal fees generated when the Site was operating to be used for contingencies arising from emergencies or other releases from the Site.

In 2009, DHEC and the Trustee undertook an aggressive $7.4 million project to upgrade the Site's O&M System and, ultimately, save long term costs. The following items were addressed during this upgrade: 1) power system upgrade, 2) leachate collection and transfer upgrades, 3) computer monitoring and control system, 4) leachate storage and transport system, and 5) stormwater management.