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Drug Control - Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP)

Law Enforcement Procedures for Report Request

The PMP database is a tool that should provide law enforcement agencies with an efficient and effective alternative for gathering evidence for bona fide drug investigations. One of the program’s goals is to assist law enforcement agencies by reducing investigative time and effort as they gather information for drug investigations.

To request a report from the PMP Database a Law Enforcement Officer must:

  1. Complete a Law Enforcement Request Form and Privacy Statement Form;
  2. PRINT or TYPE all of the information requested, or the request may be denied;
  3. Sign and date both forms;
  4. Have the Law Enforcement Request Form notarized; and
  5. Make a copy of your agency ID card and driver’s license.

Mail the following items:

  1. Notarized Law Enforcement Request Form ; (Note: PMP will not process a faxed Law Enforcement Request Form or Privacy Statement Form);
  2. Signed and dated copy of the Privacy Statement;
  3. Copy of current agency ID card; and
  4. Copy of current driver’s license.

Mail to:

DHEC Bureau of Drug Control
Prescription Monitoring Program
2600 Bull Street
Columbia, SC 29201-1708

Report Request:

Once the Law Enforcement Request Form is approved, PMP will provide approved report request(s) via certified U.S. Mail to the approved requestor.

For additional information, contact: E-mail or telephone (803) 896-0688