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Drug Control - Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP)

Policy Statements

Long Term Care (LTC):

The Bureau of Drug Control has adopted a policy similar to many other states that sponsor a monitoring program. The Prescription Monitoring Program’s (PMP) policy is that pharmacies that provide (dispense) medications to LTC facility residents do not have to report this population's controlled substance (CII-CIV) dispensing activity.  However, if the pharmacy dispenses to non-LTC residents (i.e.: outpatient hospice, outpatient home infusion, pharmacy employees/families or outpatient retail customers) reporting to the PMP must occur.

Zero Reporting:

Per SC PMP policy, a dispenser who has a business day with a dispensing activity of “0” is required to report this information daily via the Web-based system. If you have no dispensing to report for the preceding 7-day period, you will be able to report “0” for that time period versus reporting “0” daily.

Home Infusion:

The Prescription Monitoring Program’s policy is that any pharmacy that dispenses home infusion medications to outpatient hospice and/ or outpatient home infusion patients, must report to the PMP.

Emergency Room / Department Dispensing:

The Prescription Monitoring Program’s policy is that any controlled substance (CII-CIV) dispensing activity, up to a forty-eight (48) hour supply, in a licensed institutional or hospital emergency room/department does not have to report to the PMP. However, if a facility emergency room/department dispenses quantities greater than a forty-eight (48) hour supply, the dispensing activity must be reported to the PMP.

Veterinarian Dispensing:

The SC PMP’s policy is that any controlled substance (CII-CIV) dispensing activity, up to a five (5) day supply; which occurs by a licensed veterinarian; after discharge pursuant to an office procedure/hospitalization; OR after physical examination does not have to be reported to the SC PMP. However, any dispenses exceeding a five (5) day supply must be reported to the PMP.


  • Phenobarbital dispensing, up to a thirty-one (31) day supply, need not be reported.
  • Veterinarian dispensers are required to report their data at least every thirty (30) days between the 1st and 15th day of each month following the month the controlled substance was dispensed. If there is no dispensing during the month, you must report “0” for that time period.

Please note that these PMP exemptions do not affect any other Bureau of Drug Control controlled substance record keeping requirements.

For additional information, contact: E-mail or telephone (803) 896-0688