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About DHEC

DHEC’s Collected Fees and Fines for FY 2009

In 2009, the S.C. General Assembly began requiring each state agency to publicly report total fee and fine collections from the previous fiscal year.

Fees are charges that agencies sometime assess for professional services, license renewals or permits. Fines are penalties that agencies sometimes assess to entities or individuals failing to obey a law or regulation.

The legislature directed state agencies to post these numbers to their respective Web sites by September 1 of each year.

The fee and fine reports include:

  • Regulations, codes and clauses that give the agency the authority to charge and collect various fees or fines
  • The amount of money the agency received the previous fiscal year in each fee or fine category
  • How the agency spent the money collected through fees and fines
  • How much of the fee and fine money was transferred to the state’s General Fund, and which rule authorized the transfer, and
  • How much of the fee and fines were transferred to other entities. Agencies must list the names of those entities and the laws authorizing the transfers.

Below is DHEC’s FY 2009 report, along with supporting documents. (Fiscal Year 2009 began July 1, 2008, and ended June 30, 2009.)

Customer obtaining Vital Records

Hundreds of thousands of South Carolina citizens turn to DHEC’s Vital Records division each year to request document searches and get certified copies of birth, death, marriage and divorce records. DHEC charges customers a modest fee for each service requested, and the millions of dollars generated pay the entire cost of running the statewide Vital Records operation.