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Healthy People Living in Healthy Communities

Our Vision, Goals and Values

Our vision

A shared vision guides DHEC to inform South Carolina citizens and involve them in public health and environmental issues. Our efforts frequently inspire local communities to develop individual and community health improvement strategies. Fortunately, people are broadening their perspective on health to include not only absence of disease and access to quality medical care, but also the importance of living in healthy and environmentally sound communities. Through regulatory activities, awareness campaigns and community development, DHEC helps community organizations focus on health, including prevention and wellness activities. We also promote environmentally sound practices that protect our precious ecosystems and environmental and coastal resources. Active citizens are catalysts for changes in the health status of their communities. DHEC's challenge is to find ways to link our vision and values to the values of people in local communities. When our values complement their values, we will have healthy people living in healthy communities.

Our goals

  • Increase support to and involvement by communities in developing healthy and environmentally sound communities.
  • Improve the quality and years of healthy life for all.
  • Eliminate health disparities.
  • Protect, enhance and sustain environmental and coastal resources.
  • Improve organizational capacity and quality.

Our values

  • Customer Service
  • Excellence in Government
  • Use of Applied Scientific Knowledge for Decision-making
  • Local Solutions to Local Problems
  • Cultural Competence
  • Teamwork
  • Our Employees