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Sept. 9, 2011

DHEC announces Fort Mill hospital decision

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Carolinas Medical Center-Fort Mill has been granted the decision for a Certificate of Need (CON) by the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control to construct a 64-bed hospital in Fort Mill, the agency announced today.

“Carolinas Medical Center-Fort Mill’s application was chosen over applications submitted by Presbyterian Healthcare System for a 64-bed hospital and Piedmont Medical Center for a 100-bed hospital,” said Beverly Brandt, chief of DHEC’s Bureau of Health Facilities and Services Development. “The Carolinas application was found to most fully comply with the instructions issued Dec. 9, 2009 by Judge Carolyn Matthews of the S.C. Administrative Law Court.”

According to Brandt, Judge Matthews’ order charged DHEC with determining which of the three applications, if any, most fully complied with the requirements, goals and purposes of the CON program, the S.C. Health Plan, project review criteria outlined in the regulations and DHEC’s regulations in general.

“We were additionally required to provide written findings as to which applicant best met the project review criteria and why,” Brandt said. “These criteria include items such as community need, financial feasibility, cost containment and adverse impact upon other facilities.”

Brandt said DHEC’s decision becomes final 15 calendar days after notice of the decision has been mailed to the applicants, unless a written request for final review is filed.

The decision letter sent by DHEC to the three applicants is available on the agency’s website at:

DHEC’s CON program is designed to promote cost containment, prevent unnecessary duplication of health care facilities and services, guide the establishment of health facilities and services which best serve public needs, and ensure that high quality health services are provided.


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