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Public Health Statistics and Information Services

Office of the State Toxicologist

The Office of the State Toxicologist serves as both an internal resource to the Agency as well as an external resource available to citizens for providing information that leads to a better understanding environmental health hazards.SCFLAG

The State Toxicologist attends public meetings with the Agency’s Community Liaisons and other technical staff around the state where there are questions regarding potential exposure to environmental hazards and associated health outcomes. The State Toxicologist also works with Agency staff to evaluate the potential for environmental exposure in various situations, including prior to the issuance of permits as well as during assessment and cleanup of environmentally contaminated sites. The State Toxicologist is occasionally involved in establishing safe exposure limits in situations where there is not a nationally established one.

HazardvsHarmThe South Carolina Environmental Public Health Tracking (SC EPHT) Program is housed within this Office. SC EPHT is a part of a national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) effort to make nationally consistent public health and environmental data more accessible to many stakeholders, including the general public, policy makers and researchers. On the SC EPHT web pages you will find data displayed geographically for various health outcomes like cancer, asthma, heart attacks as well as for environmental parameters like ozone and arsenic in community drinking water systems. There is also a Coastal Environmental Health landing page that provides links to many public health and environmental topics related to our coast and a Contaminated Sites landing page that displays information concerning the location of known environmental contamination across South Carolina.

We consider it a privilege to serve as a technical resource as well as a surveillance system and we welcome your feedback regarding any of the services provided through this Office.

If you have any questions or comments about the information on this page please contact: Fran Marshall, J.D., MSPH