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BRFSS Survey Results 2005 for South Carolina


Sexual Violence

In the past 12 months, has anyone touched sexual parts of your body
after you said or showed that you did not want them to or without your consent?

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  Total #
Yes No
N % C.I.(95%) N % C.I.(95%)
TOTAL 7,539 54 0.9 0.6- 1.2 7,485 99.1 98.8-99.4
Male 2,980 21 0.9 0.5- 1.6 2,959 99.1 98.4-99.5
Female 4,559 33 0.8 0.5- 1.2 4,526 99.2 98.8-99.5
White 5,739 33 0.6 0.4- 0.9 5,706 99.4 99.1-99.6
African American 1,580 19 1.5 0.9- 2.5 1,561 98.5 97.5-99.1

Due to the small number of respondents to this question, no further breakdowns are available.

#Use caution in interpreting cell sizes less than 50. N = Cell Size, % = Percentage, C.I.(95%) = Confidence Interval (at 95 percent probability level).
Percentages are weighted to population characteristics.

** Appalachia I: Anderson, Oconee
Appalachia II: Greenville, Pickens
Appalachia III: Cherokee, Spartanburg, Union
Catawba: Chester, Lancaster, York
Edisto Savannah: Aiken, Allendale, Bamberg, Barnwell, Calhoun, Orangeburg
Low Country: Beaufort, Colleton, Hampton, Jasper
Palmetto: Fairfield, Lexington, Newberry, Richland
Pee Dee: Chesterfield, Darlington, Dillon, Florence, Marion, Marlboro
Trident: Berkeley, Charleston, Dorchester
Upper Savannah: Abbeville, Edgefield, Greenwood, Laurens, McCormick, Saluda
Waccamaw: Georgetown, Horry, Williamsburg
Wateree: Clarendon, Kershaw, Lee, Sumter

*** Region I: Anderson, Oconee, Abbeville, Laurens, McCormick, Greenwood, Saluda, Edgefield
Region II: Greenville, Pickens, Cherokee, Spartanburg, Union
Region III: Chester, Lancaster, York, Newberry, Fairfield, Lexington, Richland
Region IV: Clarendon, Kershaw, Lee, Sumter, Chesterfield, Darlington, Dillon, Florence, Marion, Marlboro
Region V: Aiken, Allendale, Bamberg, Barnwell, Calhoun, Orangeburg
Region VI: Georgetown, Horry, Williamsburg
Region VII: Berkeley, Charleston, Dorchester
Region VIII: Beaufort, Colleton, Hampton, Jasper


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