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Overview - Operating Permits

Operating permits are a compilation of all equipment, specific record keeping and reporting requirements, emissions limitations, and operating conditions mandated by state and federal air pollution control regulations applicable to each facility.

Notification of Initial Startup 

(S.C. Regulation 61-62.1, Section II(F)(1) and (3))

If your facility is required to obtain an air quality construction permit issued by the Department and if your facility is not subject to S.C. Regulation 61-62.70, or not yet covered by an effective Title V operating permit, you must submit a written request for a new or revised operating permit to cover any new, or altered source, postmarked no later than fifteen (15) days after the actual date of initial startup of each new or altered source.

If your facility is covered by an effective Title V operating permit, you must submit a modification request in accordance with the requirements of S.C. Regulation 61-62.70.

Certification of Construction 

(S.C. Regulation 61-62.1, Section II(F)(2))

The owner/operator or professional engineer in charge of the project shall certify that, to the best of his/her knowledge and belief and as a result of periodic observation during construction, the construction under application has been completed in accordance with the specifications agreed upon in the construction permit issued by the Department.

Operating Permit Renewal Requests for Non-Title V Sources 

(S.C. Regulation 61-62.1, Section II(H))

If your facility wishes to have its operating permit renewed, you must submit a written request to the Department. You must submit an operating permit renewal request to the Department no later than 90 days prior to the expiration date of your current operating permit.

Air Permitting - Operating Permits

Form Name DHEC
Form #
Operating Permit Request / Notification of Initial Start-Up / Certification of Construction (Instructions) - Used to request Operating Permit, notify BAQ of initial start-up of equipment, and to certify that construction was performed per an issued construction permit D-2574 -
State Operating Permit and Conditional Major Operating Permit Renewal Request Form (Instructions) - For use for facilities requesting renewal of their State or Conditional Major Operating Permit. D-2955 -
For more detailed information about the operating permit forms contact Alyson Hayes at (803) 898-3836.

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