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Title V Operating Permits - Overview

A Title V operating permit is a comprehensive and federally enforceable operating permit that requires U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) review and a public comment period before issuance.

If a facility is deemed to be a "major source" as defined in S.C. Regulation 61-62.70, Title V Operating Permit Program, they are typically required to obtain a Title V operating permit.

Alternatively, they may submit a request for an operating permit with federally enforceable conditions to constrain the operation of their source and limit the potential to emit to attain Conditional Major Status.

New Applicants

Newly constructed major sources have 12 months (S.C. Regulation 61-62.70.5) from start of operation to submit a complete Title V Permit Application. Additionally, the facility must submit an operating permit request (DHEC Form 2574) 15 days after initial startup of any process (S.C. Regulation 62.1, Section II). This same form should be used as additional processes are started up until a Title V Permit has been issued.


For sources that already have a Title V Operating Permit, the facility must submit a complete Title V operating permit renewal application to the Bureau of Air Quality (BAQ) at least six months prior to the date of permit expiration (S.C. Regulation 61-62.70.5). To allow time for BAQ to review the application for completeness and obtain any additional information needed, it is strongly recommend that the complete application be submitted 90 days prior to this deadline.

Title V Modifications

If the Title V facility needs to make a modification to the facility or to any emissions unit(s), the facility is required to notify and/or request approval from BAQ and/or EPA.  Some modifications may require construction permits.

Administrative Permit Amendments (S.C. Regulation 61-62.70.7(d))
Minor Permit Modifications (S.C. Regulation 61-62.70.7(e)(2))
502(b)(10) Permit Changes (S.C. Regulation 61-62.70.7(e)(5)))

Significant Modifications (S.C. Regulation 61-62.70.7(e)(4)

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