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Temporary Crushing and Screening Operations

A qualifying temporary nonmetallic mineral crushing and screening operation may be eligible to receive a registration permit. A temporary crushing and/or screen operation is comprised of one or any combination of the following:

rushers that reduce the size of nonmetallic mineral material by means of physical impaction upon the material (including but not limited to jaw, cone, hammermill, or impactor), screens that separate material according to size using mesh screens, conveying equipment that transports material from one piece of equipment or location to another location (including but not limited to feeders or belt conveyors), diesel engines or electric motors to power process equipment, and fuel storage tanks.

List of Temporary Crushing and Screening Operations covered by a Registration Permit


  • The owner/operator of the facility has submitted a timely and complete application for coverage under this registration permit to the Department.
  • The equipment processes nonmetallic minerals only.
  • Wet suppression is always used during operation.
  • The equipment is not being used at the site of an existing facility, in support of the existing facility's primary air-permitted operation.
  • The equipment is not operated at any one site for more 12 months. A site is one or more contiguous or adjacent properties that are under common control.
  • The equipment is powered by electricity or diesel engines.
  • The diesel engines are fired on low sulfur (500 ppm or less) diesel/No. 2 fuel oil.
  • The diesel engines are certified by the manufacturer to meet EPA's nonroad diesel engine emission standards/tiers (40 CFR 89 and 1039).


If the operations covered by construction permits are located in one of the eight coastal counties of the Coastal Zone under DHEC-OCRM's jurisdiction (Beaufort, Berkeley, Charleston, Colleton, Dorchester, Georgetown, Horry and Jasper), then a coastal zone consistency certification may be required.

Copy of the Permit:

For more information please contact:
Mareesa Singleton - (803) 898-4113