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Environmental Quality Control (EQC)

Congaree River Sediment Cleanup

Assessment & Cleanup


SCE&Gs investigation activities of the Congaree River consisted of 5 phases of preliminary surveys and sampling from September 2010 through March 2012. A total of 244 sediment and soil samples were collected to determine the depth and extent of the tar-like material (TLM). Of the samples collected, 40 were sent to a laboratory to be further analyzed. The analytical results indicated the presence of some volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the samples. The dominant group of semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs) detected were polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). The sediment layer containing TLM varies from approximately less than 1 inch in thickness to at least 1 foot. Water samples from the river were also collected and have been analyzed. The water samples have shown no tar-related chemicals of concern.

The map below shows the sampling points and grid lines used in the assessment of the affected area of the Congaree River.

Map showing MGP and sampling points.  Click for a larger view.

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