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Environmental Quality Control (EQC)

Former Lobeco Products

Site Activites

While DHEC is currently primarily involved with the groundwater clean-up on this industrial site, other activities have taken place that might interest you.


Coastal Demolition and Construction took ownership of the site in the spring of 2009. In June 2009, DHEC staff inspected the site and found salvaging and demolition activities occurring in the reactor building. Coastal Demolition and Construction had not received a demolition project license from DHEC, and DHEC halted demolition activities until an asbestos survey was performed and the proper license was issued.

In August 2009 a certified asbestos survey of the building revealed that floor tile and floor tile adhesive in the reactor building contained a small amount of asbestos. During a follow-up inspection in November 2009, DHEC found that the floor tile had been improperly removed and was located in a drum on-site. In December 2009, as authorized by DHEC, the broken asbestos-containing floor tile and adhesive was disposed of in a permitted landfill.

Between March and June 2010, several tanks and other structures on the site were demolished. In February 2011, DHEC took samples from the site and found that asbestos is present in the pipe insulation in the former maintenance shop/boiler house. This structure is still intact with no plans for demolition. The asbestos contained in it does not pose any health or environmental threat.

Currently, DHEC is requiring Coastal Demolition and Construction to either prevent unauthorized access to the maintenance shop/boiler house or dispose of the pipe insulation in a manner that will not impact public health. DHEC is also proceeding through its enforcement process to address the unpermitted demolition activities and improper floor tile removal.