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Environmental Quality Control (EQC)

Former Lobeco Products

Site Activites

While DHEC is currently primarily involved with the groundwater clean-up on this industrial site, other activities have taken place that might interest you.

Wastewater and Stormwater Treatment

Coastal Demolition and Construction is also responsible for the operation and maintenance of a wastewater and stormwater treatment facility, permitted to allow the discharge of treated process wastewater from chemical manufacturing activity and industry-related stormwater generated onsite.

Since Coastal Demolition and Construction assumed ownership of the site, chemical manufacturing and processing has not occurred, the water treatment facility has not been operated to treat process wastewater, and there have been no discharges reported from the system. The permit also requires additional environmental monitoring. Through its enforcement action, DHEC is requiring Coastal Demolition and Construction to either comply with all permit requirements and conditions or seek DHEC approval to properly close out the wastewater treatment facility and terminate the permit.