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Environmental Quality Control (EQC)

Former Lobeco Products

Groundwater Clean-up

Current 'Actions' for Groundwater Cleanup:

DHEC received a revised "Site-Wide Investigation and Focused Feasibility Study Pre-Design Investigation (PDI) Work Plan" for the former Lobeco Products, Inc. facility on October 31, 2012. DHEC is in the process of reviewing the revised plan.

Brief History of Groundwater Contamination:

In 1986, DHEC confirmed that there was groundwater contamination at the site now owned by Coastal Demolition and Construction. Three separate areas of contamination (known as plumes) were found. Cleanup measures were put in place to remove the contamination from the groundwater. Monitoring wells were also installed to determine if the contamination was spreading or shrinking. Data has shown that the contamination is in the shallow groundwater and moving at a slow rate in the direction of the groundwater flow.

In November 2009, DHEC received data from the previous owners that indicated one of the plumes had partially moved off-site. Thirty-six (36) private drinking water supply wells were sampled to determine if any of them had been impacted by the off-site contamination. The results of those samples showed that no contaminants from the site were present in any of the wells. There were minor detections of other chemicals in six (6) of the private wells. These chemicals were not associated with the site, nor were they above the levels allowed by state and federal drinking water health standards. Sample results were provided to the residents whose wells were tested.

Previous owners of the site are still responsible for cleaning up the contamination. Some of the equipment used in the cleanup has not operated since June 2009 due to legal issues between the current and previous owners (DHEC is not a party in the ongoing legal action). DHEC has since confirmed that parts of the cleanup equipment have been damaged; however, other cleanup methods are still active. The shutdown period of the cleanup equipment should have little impact on the overall cleanup process because of the slow movement of the groundwater. More options to clean up the groundwater contamination are currently being evaluated.