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South Carolina Environmental Excellence Program (SCEEP) Program Requirements and Application Instructions

Application Steps

An organization or facility may become a member of the South Carolina Environmental Excellence Program (SCEEP) by providing the following information in the order listed as an attachment to the signed application form:

  1. A brief description of your organization or facility and the nature of your business. Relevant information includes products or services, general processes used, general description of raw materials used, waste generated, size and nature of workforce, and any environmental considerations particular to your site. (e.g. located adjacent to river flood plan, etc.). When using acronyms, please define them within the application.
  2. A brief description of the organization’s or facility’s compliance record during the past five years, noting such things as numbers of permit exceedances, deficiencies noted during inspections, violations, fines (dollar amount) civil penalties, and criminal penalties. Should a notice of violation be cited please provide a "Root Cause Analysis," countermeasures taken and how the violation ultimately affected the environment. Also, include environmental improvements made during the five-year period and any additional steps taken to prevent future noncompliance. Provide a list of operating permits, including permit numbers and issuing agencies.
  3. A brief description of any existing site contamination, source of origin, method of source remediation, and actions taken to ensure its containment. Describe the required minimum actions to remediate.
  4. A brief description of the organization's or facility's environmental improvements implemented, including goals set to achieve reductions and measurable results of all projects or processes.
  5. Proof of commitment to environmental excellence through one or both of the methods below:
    1. Documentation of registration, certification, or active participation in a national, regional or state recognized environmental management program (e.g., ISO 14001, ATMI E3 program, CMA Responsible Care program, AF&PA Environmental, Health, Safety Principles) that encompasses the objectives set forth in 5B, or from another environmental program as evidence of commitment to environmental excellence. Documents of registration, certification, or active membership must demonstrate that your organization or facility is a member in good standing. (Provide enough information about the program so that requirements can be determined)
    2. An environmental excellence plan signed by the organization's corporate office or by the facility's plant manager that includes:
      1. Commitment by senior management to establish an organization- or facility-wide comprehensive environmental management system, including stated goals and objectives to enhance and improve environmental compliance through waste reduction, pollution prevention, water usage and/or conservation of energy and other resources;
      2. Development of specific measurable targets to reach the stated goals and objectives and to periodically monitor progress toward achieving these goals. (Please quantify the goals and achievements.) The plan may include documentation, and request for recognition, of existing programs and results to date;
      3. Recognition that minimization of adverse impact to human health and the environment is a top priority in the organization's or facility's business decisions;
      4. Commitment to continuous improvements; and
      5. Commitment to effective communications with surrounding community
  6. A brief description of the organization’s or facility's climate change strategy and measures taken to reduce greenhouse emissions.
  7. Electronic submission of the application in PDF format is preferred. However, if submitting a paper copy it must be printed on recycled paper and on both sides.

Application Review Process

The SCEEP Advisory Committee will review the application and may, at its discretion, request additional information or a site visit as part of the review process. The applicant will be notified as promptly as possible with results of the review. An applicant or facility may not be eligible to participate in the program if there has been a pattern of permit exceedences, notices of violation, fines, civil penalties, and/or criminal penalties that indicates a lack of commitment to continuously improving environmental performance. The SCEEP reserves the right to review compliance records.

The Advisory Committee will review and compare compliance history reports prepared by the applicant and the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control. Should either of the documents show non-compliance, an evaluation of the severity of the violations or deficiencies will be done on a case-by-case basis to determine membership into the program.

Membership is renewable every three years. Members can submit a renewal application form or update their original application. The Advisory Committee is responsible for ensuring that the members are making continuous improvements towards their stated goals and objectives. Should the membership expire, the facility must reapply for membership.

Application Form and Example Applications

South Carolina Environmental Excellence Program
South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control
Rebecca Sproles
2600 Bull Street
Columbia, SC 29201
(803) 898-3139