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Mercury is a naturally occurring element that can be toxic to people, wildlife and the environment.

While naturally found in our air, water and soil, mercury also is released into the environment through numerous human activities from industrial sources that burn coal to breaking or throwing away mercury-containing products at home. As a result of these activities, mercury cycles through the environment polluting our air and water.

Mercury can have significant human health impacts. One of the most common ways people can be exposed to mercury is from eating mercury-contaminated fish.

The S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) has developed the S.C. Mercury Assessment and Reduction Initiative to provide basic information on mercury as well as ways that South Carolinians can help reduce mercury in the environment.

This website provides you a one-stop resource to learn about mercury, its impact on human health and the environment as well as how to properly manage mercury-containing products at home, work and school.


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