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It is important to educate students on mercury, the health risks of exposure, and what can be done to reduce mercury in the environment."Mercury: An Educator's Tool Kit " is a two-disc DVD and CD package that contains a variety of activities, educational videos and other information designed to enhance students' understanding of mercury in its potential health hazards. Visit to learn more. 
Schools educate students but also have the responsibility of keeping the students safe in the school environment. Mercury, potentially in science labs or health facilities, can be a hidden danger. The EPA has developed several videos on educating about mercury and also locating and eliminating sources of mercury within the school environment. Learn more about the EPA videos.
Mercury in Schools, a comprehensive clearinghouse developed by the University of Wisconsin, provides administrators, teachers and students information, materials, activities and a national curriculum as well as links to additional resources.
  • The Mercury in Schools and Homes section explains where mercury is most likely to be found in schools and communities, how to properly manage mercury-containing products, the health risks of mercury, alternatives to mercury-containing products, spill prevention and how to respond if there is a mercury spill.
  • The Tools and Resources section offers a mercury curriculum: “Mercury in Schools and the Community: A National Issue.” The curriculum offers background information for educators, lessons, student activities, and a school mercury audit.
Getting Mercury out of schools
For a comprehensive overview of mercury in schools, please visit the U.S. EPA: Schools and Mercury website.


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