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Environmental Quality Control (EQC)


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Center for Environmental Sustainability; link to home page

Center for Environmental Sustainability

Helping facilities improve their environmental performance through sustainable environmental initiatives..
Link to Enforcement web page


Enforcing state environmental laws and regulations is essential to promoting and protecting the health of the public and the environment.
Image for Better Together initiative between DHEC and the public; link to home page

Community Involvement
Better Together: DHEC + You

Protecting the environment requires public involvement and communication with our stakeholders..
Office of Criminal Investigations; link to home page

Office of Criminal Investigations (OCI)

Enforcement of environmental laws that directly impact South Carolina and its citizens.
Compass image with link to the Compliance Assistance, also known as Compass, home page

Compliance Assistance (COMPASS)

Helping you better understand environmental regulations and adhering to the requirements.
Link to Small Business Environmental Assistance Program webpage

Small Business Environmental Assistance

Education, environmental assistance, and advocacy for small businesses. Services are free and non-regulatory.
This photo is of clouds and is representing the link to the Air Quality webpages

Air Quality

Conserving and enhancing air resources in a manner that promotes quality of life.
Image representing Environmental Health in South Carolina

Environmental Health Services

Providing South Carolina citizens protection of Air, Water, Land, Food, and General Sanitation.
This is a photo of a tree, representing the link to the Land and Waste Management webpages

Land & Waste Management

Working to protect and improve South Carolina's land resources.
This phot is of water and represents the link to the webpages on Water


Working to ensure high quality drinkable, fishable, and swimmable waters throughout South Carolina.