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Air Quality

Section 112(r) of the Clean Air Act
Accidental Release Prevention Program


Every process that is subject to 112(r) will be placed in one of three different program levels. Depending on the number of regulated substances at a particular facility, it is possible for a facility to have processes in one or more programs.

  • The worst case analysis must not impact a public receptor;
  • The facility must not have had an accidental release of a regulated substance for the five years prior to the submission of the RMP; and
  • The facility must have an emergency response plan on file with local responders.

If a process does not qualify for Program I or Program III, then it is automatically placed into Program II.

  • The process must not qualify for Program I; and
  • The regulated process has one of the following Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) or the North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) codes:
SIC Industry Sector NAICS
2611 Pulp Mills 32211
2812 Alkalies & Chlorine Manufacturing 325181
2819/2869 All Other Basic Inorganic Chemical Manufacturing 325188
2821 Plastics Materials & Resin Manufacturing 325211
2865 Cyclic Crude & Intermediates 325192
2873 Nitrogenous Fertilizer Manufacturing 325311
2879 Pesticides & Other Agricultural Chemical Manufacturing 32532
2911 Petroleum Refineries 32411
2865/2869 Petrochemical Manufacturing 32511
2969/2899 All Other Basic Organic Chemical Manufacturing 325199
  • If the process does not have one of the SIC/NAICS codes, but the process is subject to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Process Safety Management (PSM) standard, then it falls under Program III.

112(r) Decision Tree (pdf) - A flowchart designed to help in determining whether a facility is subject to 112(r) and, if the facility is covered, which Program Level the facility falls under.

Program Level Requirements Chart (pdf) - A chart listing the requirements of each Program Level in 112(r).

EPA's Chemical Safety Alerts and Bulletins


DHEC Accidental Release Prevention Contacts:

For more information please contact us at (803) 898-4123 or by email.