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Advance Reporting Tool

The purpose of Advance Reporting Tool (ART) is to enable external partners to input and share emission reducing programs in their area and eventually view what other regions in the state are doing as well. This program will be used to report information to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as required for the ozone advance program and any other subsequent advance programs. The ART will also enable partners to identify other successful initiatives in the state and as well as contacts for the purpose of peer to peer consultation.

Guidance for staff utilizing the Pollution Reduction Tracking Tool for reporting purposes:

This tool is intended to enable partners to report actions, activities, and initiatives that are implemented that may have positive air quality outcomes or results. The tool will allow the Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) staff to compile this information into reports for sharing with partners, including the EPA. DHEC staff suggests that a single "point of contact" for interested groups, entities, and local governments be assigned this data entry task.

Instructions for Use

  1. Users should enter information within 1-2 days of the event occurring. It is important to keep up to date so that reports generated will be up to date.
  2. Only information specific to air quality should be included.
  3. When DHEC report deadlines are approaching, a reminder email will be sent to all users to ensure information is up to date.
  4. When multiple partners are involved together on a single project, those staff should confer as to who will be responsible for entering data in order that information is reported in a timely manner and in order to reduce duplication.
  5. All dates should include the year. For example, "May 20th" should be "May 20, 20XX." It is acceptable to have "March 20XX."
  6. Do not write in the first person. Someone reviewing the information on the tracking system and/or on a report generated from the tracking system, will not know who "myself" is - unless they look to see who did the entry. A suggested alternative would be to utilize "Department staff" or "County Staff."
  7. If you have a meeting with the county and you discuss several things, all items or issues need to be included.
  8. If you need to modify your entry after it has been submitted, or if you have any issues or problems with the use of the tool, please contact Jack Porter (803) 898-3829, or Michael Monroe (803) 898-3261.

If you have any questions on using the Advance Reporting Tool, or about the Advance Program, please contact Jack Porter at (803) 898-3829 or Michael Monroe at (803) 898-3261.