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Horry County

Below you can view the participating schools and their current idling data. Each school year, we ask each school to submit at least three sets of data. The Baseline represents the initial counts for the school year, while the Final shows the last one. The difference between the baseline and final percentages represents your hard work promoting anti-idling at your school!

Click on the school's name to look at previous years' data and highlights information.

School Name School
Idling %
Idling %
Burgess Elementary
2012-2013 Baseline 4.7 100
Final 30.3 85.7
2012-2013 Baseline 52.5 100
Final 4.3 0
2011-2012 Baseline 37.7 0
Final 5 0
2010-2011 Baseline 9.8 *
Final * *
2009-2010 Baseline 3.33 *
Final * *
2008-2009 Baseline * 0
Final * *

The bus drivers at Ocean Bay Middle School have been especially supportive. The Horry County School District requires bus drivers to keep their vehicles running when parked front-to-back, to prevent holdups in the event that one bus does not restart. The solution:  At Ocean Bay, bus drivers now use a diagonal side-by-side parking arrangement in a spare corner of the school parking lot, allowing them to shut down their engines and reduce air pollution. Patrol students held a special lunch to thank their bus drivers.

'Breathe Easy, Local students push for cleaner air,' headline from local newspaper article Students asking parents for 'no idling' pledges
Students asking parents for "no idling" pledges
One eager student assisted with putting up the signs Two Ocean Bay Middle School faculty members posing by new no-idling sign
Students and Faculty assisted with putting up the signs

* indicates no information submitted for this period

Previous Participating Schools in Horry County

  • Bridgewater Academy 2009-2011

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