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Air Quality

Emissions Inventory


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Revised Regulation 61-62.1 Section III - Emissions Inventory (Effective 5/28/10)
Note: Emissions from nonfugitive and fugitive sources (excluding vehicle engine emissions) are to be used when determining a facility's "Inventory Source Type" and when reporting a facility's emissions to comply with this Regulation.

Do I need to do an Emissions Inventory?

Web Satellite i-STEPS

The Bureau has developed and now requires Emissions Inventories to be performed and submitted using Web Satellite i-STEPS (aka WebSteps, WebSat and Web Satellite). Use of the following Emissions Inventory Point Source Data Report to report an Emissions Inventory is only allowed at the request of or with the written permission of the Emissions Inventory Section of the Bureau of Air Quality. Please be sure to enter the proper year on the form. Where it says 20__, you should enter the appropriate year of the Emissions Inventory that you are reporting, NOT the current year it is being submitted.

For more information or questions about Web Satellite i-Steps, please contact Chris Cheatham at (803) 898-3827 or Jeff Nuovo at (803) 898-4085.

Emission Inventory Point Source Data Report
Do not forget to include emission estimates from Insignificant Activities whose emissions have not previously reported in a past emissions inventory.

Section Contacts

Lynn Barnes - Section Manager (803) 898-4298

For more information please contact the Bureau of Air Quality at (803) 898-4123 or by email.