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Air Quality

Santee Cooper Pee Dee Generating Station

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PSD Application

Santee Cooper has submitted a Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) air quality permit application. If approved, the application would allow the company to build a new power plant consisting of two coal-fired boilers. Each boiler would have a maximum rated input capacity of 5,700 million British Thermal Units (BTU) per hour. As proposed, the boilers would be capable of burning a blend of coal and petroleum coke (petcoke), in addition to fuel oil or natural gas, during the startup process. Each boiler would provide steam to a generator to produce a nominal 660 megawatts of electricity.

In addition to the boilers, Santee Cooper has asked permission to install two emergency generators (1500 kilowatts each); a 425 horsepower fire pump; equipment to handle coal, limestone, gypsum, fly ash and bottom ash; and several storage tanks.

Santee Cooper has also proposed a plan to install air pollution control devices. The devices would reduce particulate matter (PM); sulfur dioxide (SO2), and nitrogen oxide (NOX) emissions; and mercury and sulfuric acid emissions. These pollution control processes would be subject to both state and federal air quality regulations and standards.

Comment period for the draft PSD permit has ended as of January 22, 2008.

Any documents linked below are in pdf format.

PSD Application Documents

If you have questions, please contact the individual listed below at (803) 898-4123 or via email.

Elizabeth J. Basil, Director
Engineering Services Division, Bureau of Air Quality
2600 Bull Street
Columbia, SC 29201

For more information please contact the Bureau of Air Quality at (803) 898-4123 or by email.