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Air Quality

Air Permitting Public Notices

The table below lists facilities within their public notice comment period. The following documents are available for download during that time:

  • Public Notice:  This is the current Public Notice document for this facility. It contains specific information about the facility, a summary of any changes or modifications, and instructions for submitting comments.
  • Draft Permit:  This is a copy of the Draft Air Permit for the facility; it details the proposed conditions for constructing and operating the facility.
  • Statement of Basis:  Summary of the project and its emissions, and explanation of regulatory applicability
  • Application:  This document contains the completed forms and other information the facility has submitted to request an air permit.

Please click on the facility's name for a brief description.

The procedure for appealing a permit decision before the Board of Health and Environmental Control is available here.

If a Community Event has been planned for a facility, a link to more information on our Calendar of Events will appear in RED.

Click on the county listed for each facility to view contact information for the local EQC regional office.

Facility Information County Date
End Date

The BAQ maintains a county-based mailing list of persons interested in receiving notification of BAQ public notice actions. If you would like to be added to this list, please submit a request with your name, address, and counties of interest to Karen Lee or Soraya Purvis at: SCDHEC Bureau of Air Quality, 2600 Bull Street, Columbia, SC 29201.


For more information please contact the Bureau of Air Quality at (803) 898-4123 or by email.