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Air Quality

Regulation and SIP Management

Public Involvement

The DHEC Bureau of Air Quality promotes public involvement in the regulatory development process. The Bureau of Air Quality views the public as its partner in protecting the environment. We value public opinion and believe that public involvement will improve our mission of protecting public health and the environment.

How Can the Public Affect the DHEC Bureau of Air Quality Regulatory Development or State Implementation Plan Processes?

The DHEC Bureau of Air Quality invites the public:

  • to submit comments in response to Notices of Drafting and Notices of Proposed Regulation,
  • attend Staff-Led Informational Forums, and
  • attend Public Hearings Before the Board of Health and Environmental Control.

What is a Staff-Led Informational Forum?

A Staff-Led Informational Forum is a public meeting where the staff member managing the regulatory development process will explain the proposed regulatory change and answer any questions from the public. A court reporter records a transcript of this meeting, and that transcript becomes part of the public record for the Board to evaluate when considering the proposed regulatory change. The public may also submit written comments at the Staff Informational Forum.

What is a Public Hearing?

A Public Hearing is a formal hearing before the Board of Health and Environmental Control that is a forum for the public to comment on proposed regulation(s), regulation revisions, or amendments to the State Implementation Plan. A court reporter records a transcript, and that transcript becomes part of the public record. Public Hearings occur after the Staff-Led Informational Forum for a proposed regulation or revision.

When DHEC is changing the SIP without changing State Regulations, the public hearing is led by DHEC staff, not the Board, though a court reporter also takes a transcript that becomes part of the public record.

DHEC requests that members of the public wishing to comment limit comments to five minutes or less, and as a courtesy provide written copies of comments for inclusion into the record of the public hearing.

How Can I Receive Emails with Updates on Proposed Regulation(s), Regulation Revisions or State Implementation Plan Amendments?

Where can I find information related to Air Permitting Public Notices?


Please check the Environmental Quality Control Calendar of Events for other events related to Air Quality.

For more information please contact the Bureau of Air Quality at (803) 898-4123 or by email.